I truly enjoy and see a great deal of success working with couples on a variety of issues. I can help couples on pre and post marital issues, couples going through divorce or separation, parenting issues, trust and infidelity, pre and postpartum counseling to help new mothers and fathers adjust to parenthood, or counseling to repair and strengthen the marriage.

Relationships are one of the most important aspects of our lives. We all want to feel understood by others and connected to our family and friends. What we learn about relationships, our feelings, our perceptions of others, and how we communicate is often learned from an early age and then reinforced through our life experiences.

Great relationships have clear communication, which leads to understanding and getting our needs met, to good boundaries with one another, and to an experience of empathy. People often come to therapy because one or more of their relationships are not satisfying or happy.

I specialize in working with individuals whose childhood issues or anxiety and depression are affecting the happiness of their adult relationships. I work with loving people who need to figure out how to change an unhealthy relationship dynamic, whether it is with a parent, child, partner, or friend. I often see frustrated singles who want to find the right mate and who keep attracting the wrong kind of relationship.

The self-awareness and communication skills gained in therapy can help improve and create loving and happy relationships.

I often utilize Imago and Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) to help my couples improve whatever they are coming to work on in a short amount of time. In the sessions, I use EFT skills to help the couples get in touch with and communicate their early attachment needs, while teaching each partner how to connect and build intimacy through empathic responsiveness.

I use Imago Therapy to help each partner get in touch with their repressed needs and desires - often from parents and loved ones - during childhood and see how they can experience the connection and joy by fulfilling these needs for each other within the couple.

Imago therapy is a tried-and-true method for resolving relationship issues and improving empathy and understanding.

The Imago therapy principle is founded on the idea of the importance of understanding your past to better your future. We all experience different forms of love throughout our lives, and if a relationship does not support our idea of what we think love should be, we may respond to that love in a different way. My Imago therapy helps you understand these feelings and also addresses:

● Making the Connection — Imago therapy focuses on strengthening two important connections: the connection to your past, and the connection to your partner. The anger, abandonment, or anxiety we feel as an adult may be directly related to our childhood experiences. The subconscious mind retains these memories and may cause you to react to your partner in a way you do not intend. By understanding your love’s past, you will be able to make a solid connection with your partner.

● The Dialogue — Communication is the key. As your therapist, my goal is to encourage open discussion and uncover the root of your relationship issues. The most inflammatory arguments are likely influenced by a past wound that was never addressed. Speaking about your emotions can be difficult, and many partners hold back out of embarrassment or distrust. True healing can only begin once everything is out in the open, allowing you and your partner a fresh start.

I also teach couples a strategic dialogue to help partners feel safe and effectively communicate in times of conflict, so each partner leaves the conversation feeling respected and heard.

Usually, those with communication difficulties have sincerely tried, at least on occasion, to share their feelings in a sensitive and understanding manner. However, when they failed and experienced more pain, rejection, and misunderstanding, they understandably began avoiding intimate communication. They simply put up a wall or turned themselves off emotionally. As a result, barriers developed that interfered with communication where it matters most.

Premarital Counseling

Together we will delve into topics to be able to discover the answers and determine methods of how to approach them in your marriage. Sample topics covered are:

  • Do we have a realistic understanding of love, commitment, and conflict as a married couple?
  • Are we satisfied with most aspects of our relationship?
  • Do we like each other’s personality and habits?
  • Do we share feelings and understand each other?
  • Are we able to discuss and resolve differences?
  • Do we agree on budget and financial matters?
  • Do we share some similar interests and spend time together and apart?
  • Do we agree on issues relating to having and raising children?
  • Do we feel good about relationships with relatives and friends?
  • Do we agree on how to share decision-making and responsibilities?
  • Do we hold similar values/ beliefs?
  • Do we agree on how to deal with our parents?
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